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Embedded Control Solutions Using 8031 Microcontrollers.

Topview Simulator.
- Introduction.
- Device Selection.
- Program Editing.
- Clearview.
- Program Execution.
- Simulation Facilities.
- Code Generation Facilities.
- Special Features.
- Downloads.
- Pricing.
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Topview Trainer.


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Topview Simulator


Topview Simulator gives an excellent simulation environment for the industry's most popular 8 bit Microcontroller family, MCS 51. It gives required facilities to enable the system designers to start projects right from the scratch and finish them with ease and confidence.

It is the total simulation solution giving many state of art features meeting the needs of the designers possessing different levels of expertise. If you are a beginner, then you can learn about 8051 based embedded solutions without any hardware. If you are an experienced designer, you may find most of the required facilities built in the simulator that enabling  you to complete your next project without waiting for the target hardware. 

The features of the simulator is briefly tabulated here for your reference:

Finished Real Time Projects.

Project -  8 Channel Sequential Controller with LED Displays.


Project -  8 Channel Sequential Controller - LCD Display


Project  -   Programmable Timer with 2X16 LCD Display


Device Selection

A wide range of device selection, including Generic 8031 devices and Atmel's AT89CXX series 8051 microcontrollers.

Program Editing

Powerful editing feature for generating your programs both in C and Assembly level and  the facility to call an external Compiler / Assembler (Keil / SDCC Compilers) to process input programs.


Clearview facility gives all the internal architectural details in multiple windows. Information about the Program, Data Memory, register, peripherals, SFR bits are clearly presented in many windows to make you understand the program flow very easily.

Program Execution

A variety of program execution options including Single Stroke full speed execution, Single Step, Step Over and Breakpoint execution modes give you total control over the target program.

Clearview updates all the windows with the correct and latest data and it is a convenient help during your debugging operations.

You may find how this Topview Simulator simplifies the most difficult operation of the program development, debugging, into a very simple task.

Simulation Facilities

Powerful simulation facilities are incorporated for I/O lines, Interrupt lines, Clocks meant for Timers / Counters.

Many external interfacing possibilities can be simulated:

  • Range of Plain Point LEDs and Seven Segment LED options.
  • LCD modules in many configurations.
  • Momentary ON keys.
  • A variety of keypads upto 4 X 8 key matrix.
  • Toggle switches.
  • All modes of onchip serial port communication facility.
  • I2C components including RTC, EEPROMs.
  • SPI Bus based EEPROM devices.

Code Generation Facilities

Powerful and versatile Code Generating facility enables you to generate the exact and compact assembly code  /  C Source code for many possible application oriented interfacing options.

You can simply define your exact needs and get the target assembly code / C Source code  at a press of button at anywhere in your program flow. The code gets embedded into your application program automatically.

You are assured of trouble free working of final code in the real time.

  • All modes of the serial port.
  • Interfacing I2C/SPI Bus devices.
  • Range of keypads.
  • Many LED/LCD interfacing possibilities.



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