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Universal Programmer for 8051 Devices
- Topview Programmer C.
- Pricing.

 Advanced Device Programmer for Philips 8051 Devices.
- Topview Programmer A Specifications.
- FAQ.
- Downloads.
- Pricing.
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 Advanced Device Programmer for Atmel 8051 & AVR Devices.
- Topview Programmer B Specifications.
- FAQ.
- Downloads.
- Pricing.
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- Topview Device Programmer for Atmel 89CXX Devices.

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New Universal Programmer for 8051 Devices.

Frontline Electronics introduced an
Universal Programmer for 8051 Devices of both Atmel and NXP !

Topview Programmer for Atmel's 89CXX Microcontrollers.

Specifications  |   Pricing Information  |   FAQ  |  Programming  Software

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Bundle Contents:

  • Topview Programmer PCB.
  • CDROM with programmer software and other useful documents and software.
  • Power Supply.
  • Serial Port Communicating Cable.
  • SPI Programming Cable for Target Application.
  • User Manual.



Topview Device Programmer supports all the devices in 8031 family of Atmel, AT89CXX. The programmer supports both parallel and SPI programming for user’s convenience. A powerful windows based GUI facility is available. Apart from this, many new features are made available to make the programming task an easy one.

  • Supported Devices:
    20 Pins:
    AT89C1051,AT89C1051U, AT89C2051, AT89C4051.
    40 Pins:
    AT89C51, AT89LV51, AT89S51, AT89LS51, AT89C52, AT89LV52, AT89S52, AT89LS52, AT89C55, AT89LV55, AT89S53, AT89LS53 AT89S8252, AT89LS8252.
  • Programmer can be connected to the PC through the serial port : COM1 to COM4
  • Supports both Parallel and SPI Programming.
  • Facility is available to program the device soldered in the target hardware through SPI bus. This facility is available in devices: AT89S51, AT89LS51, AT89S52, AT89LS52, AT89S8252, AT89LS8252, AT89S53, AT89LS53.
  • A single 40 pin ZIF socket is there for programming both 20 pin and 40 pin devices.
  • Programmer comes with suitable power supply and all relevant cables and is ready for usage immediately after opening the pack.


GUI Features.

  • Software Maintains a separate buffer for both Flash and EEPROM memory areas of the target microcontroller.
  • Hex or Binary file formats are supported in file access operations. You can also view memory contents as program lines.
  • Software sports a Built-in single line Assembler to enable users edit/modify program lines without returning to their development tools.
  • All standard functions like Chip Erase, Blank check, Program, Verify and Reading from the device and other file related operations, Fill, Load, Copy, Checksum are available for all devices.
  • In the buffer operations, separate coloring facility is provided to indicate the source of program/data.
  • Auto programming facility is provided to carryout all the programming tasks in a single shot to get fast programming for bulk production.
  • Software enables the users select the protection type taking into account of different protection options available for 20 pin and 40 pin devices.
  • Power supply
    - Input 220V AC +/-10%,
    - Output Voltage 5V, 1.2A, With short circuit and overload protection.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the total cost of the programmer?

For Indian Customers:
The basic cost of the programmer is Rs 2500/-. Then you need to add sales tax (as applicable),  and Forwarding charges at actuals.


2. What are all the Payment options?

For Indian Customers:
Calculate and add the tax amount and packing and forwarding charges to the basic cost and send the Demand Draft in favor of “ Frontline Electronics Pvt Ltd ” payable in Salem. We can also send the Programmer through a reliable courier service on DOD basis.

For Institutions and Government Departments:
Send you enquiry to enable us to proceed further.

For International Customers:
Contact us for exact terms.


3. Is there any catch in Money back Guarantee?

Well. We don’t expect to get any returns from you. If you face any difficulty in using the programmer, make sure you have read the user manual completely. Otherwise send an e-mail to us indicating exact nature of the problem to enable us to do the needful to sort out the issue. We advice you to use this programmer few times to get the complete picture on the utility value.

If you still insist on returning the programmer, kindly indicate the reason behind your decision we always respect your decision.

We don’t accept any returns after 15 days of invoice for any reason. Before sending the programmer back to us, inform us in advance about the same. Send back the programmer in original packing and etc. you need to bear the cost of returning. The basic cost of the programmer will be returned to you on receipt of the materials in 1/2 weeks time.

Money back Guarantee is available only for Indian Customers.

International customers, kindly excuse us. The facility is not available to you for obvious reasons.


4. How Can I evaluate the programmer?

You can download the copy of programmer software and also the User Manual from the Downloads.

You can use a reference data file to work around various facilities of the programmer.


5. What are all the contents of the complimentary CDROM?

  • Software meant for the programmer.
  • Cross Assembler for 8031 microcontrollers from Atmel.
  • All Documentation meant for Atmel’s 8031 microcontrollers.
  • Evaluation copies of our other software tools.
  • Electronic Book on the following topic authored by our Technical Director:
    “ Embedded System Design “

6. Is there is any discount if I order more than one programmer?

Sorry. We don’t allow any discount on the basic cost which is already kept at very attractive level.

As per our knowledge, you can’t find a similar programmer for this price at anywhere.


7. What about up gradation of software?

The software is periodically upgraded to include new devices/new features. Kindly keep visiting our website as often as possible.

Most of the time, the upgrade will be given free of cost.


8. What are other development tools available from Frontline Electronics?

We are shortly going to launch an Integrated Development Environment suitable for developing target embedded applications in assembly language for 8031 microcontrollers. The IDE has an extensive support for Atmel’s AT89CXX family devices.

The IDE contains a powerful Microcontroller simulation facilities and also a Remote Debugging features meant for designers with different levels of expertise.

You can also integrate this programmer into the IDE.

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l   Now programming support for Atmel's new devices, AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89LS51, AT89LS52 is available.

l  Most favorite among Atmel's users.

l  Many hundreds are in use throughout India.

l  Unmatched Price.

l  Unmatched unique and useful features.

l  Your investment is protected with our Money Back Guarantee.

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User Feedback

The unit is working fine. The software interface supplied with this is very user friendly and powerful.

I should congratulate Frontline Electronics for supplying such a fine product.

I could see the professional touch in all respects (right from documents on software to PCB finish).


Your product is superb. I appreciate the workmanship and the choice of electronic components for the product.

Really you and your engineers have done a good job for the embedded system designers.

The programmer is really an engineer's choice for its price, size and ease of using.

Subrata Bhattacharya,

Graphic user interface facility is good compared to other programmers.

Colour syntax gives better effect in viewing the program code.

Program read option from   microcontroller is useful. It also makes us feel convenient since it generates equivalent assembly code.

Programmer is compact and easy to use. the provision of reset key is useful since it is not necessary to switch off the power supply as in case of other programmers.

The user manual provides sufficient exposure to handle programmer efficiently and use the software to maximum extent.

The cost is cheap compared to other programmers. It is 50% less than compared to others.

Few chips, which were rejected by other programmers, have been able to be programmed by this programmer.

Edit EEPROM buffer, Single byte programmer option is one of its kind.

Protecting device, device options, auto-programming mode, read EEPROM, clear EEPROM, all are good.

Dr.Raja Paul Perinbam,

Very Good hardware. Very user friendly software.

GUI facility: Up-to date techniques.

Ease of use: Menu driven and self-explanatory. I will recommend this to my colleagues and friends.


Nice Hardware. Nice Software. Very easy. Very supportive.


Hardware is Ok. Good Software. Excellent GUI facility. Can be easily used.

Dr.Jagdale Shirish Hari,
Karad, Maharashtra.

Hardware is very clean.  Good documentation. The programmer is very good. Unique facility to program the in-built EEPROM in AT89S8252 and SPI interface.

Mayur Kannavar,

Good hardware. Excellent software. Good GUI facility. Value for money. I had to search a lot to find an Indian manufacturer for this item.

Satyanaranayana,   Visakhapatinam.

It is good hardware. Really good software. Very easy. It is the really cheapest programmer supporting a lot of chips. It's very worthful for the amount.

Impressive hardware. Useful software. Acceptable GUI facility. Overall opinion is excellent.


Compact hardware. User friendly GUI facility. Excellent overall opinion.