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Diamond Boards.

- TMS320VC5416 Diamond Board.
- TMS320C50 Diamond Board.
- TMS320C31 Diamond Board.
- ADSP2181 Diamond Board.


- TMS320VC5416 Starter Kit.
- ADSP2181 Starter Kit.
- TMS320C50 Starter Kit.
- TMS320C31 Starter Kit.
- Topview DSP Debugger.
- Add-on Options.

- ADSP2181 EVM.
- FAQ.
- Download eCatalog on DSP Products.

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TMS320VC5416 Starter Kit.

 The TMS320VC5416 based DSP Starter kit is the ideal entry-level launch pad to get into the exciting DSP world. The kit sports the most popular DSP device of the Texas Instruments, TMS320VC5416 along with a versatile Analog Interface Chip that covers the complete audio/speech range.

To make learner’s life easy, the kit comes with a graphical user interface that enables the user to navigate easily into program development process. Combined with any standard PC, the kit gives the required experimental infrastructure to study DSP concepts.


  • TMS320VC5416 operating at 16 – 160MHz.
  • On-Chip RAM : 128K Word.
  • Booting Facility: 128K bytes Flash Memory with communicating kernel meant for the computer.
  • 16/20/24/32-bit high performance AUDIO CODEC using TLV320AIC26.
    • Stereo Audio DAC and Mono Audio ADC Support Rates up to 48 ksps.
    • On-Chip 325-mW, 8ohms Speaker Driver.
    • Microphone Preamp and Hardware Automatic Gain Control.
    • Programmable Digital Audio Bass/Treble/EQ/De-Emphasis.
  • Emulator interfacing facility.
  • Serial port with built-in RS232 drivers and USB Port.
  • Two numbers of 64-pin expansion connectors to interface external hardware.
  • Topview DSP Debugging Software with following features:
    • Simple and Powerful command set.
    • Program code, data and CPU Registers are simultaneously displayed in separate windows.
    • View and edit facility for DMA and McBSP sub bank registers.
    • Supports assembly level debugging.
    • C Source debugging facility with variables view/edit facility.
    • Supports single step, step over and break point execution.
    • Fill, Test and Move operations for both Data and Program memory.
    • Graphical display of memory contents in both time and frequency spectrum.
  • Power Supply and Function generator.
  • Experiment manual to study DSP algorithms such as FIR filter, Convolution, FFT etc.

Block Diagram of TMS320VC5416 Starter Kit.

Topview DSP Debugger.

Topview DSP Debugger is an important facility meant for developing TMS320VC5416 based embedded solutions. Debugging is an inevitable part in any tool suite required to develop applications in real time. A right debugging tool may save a lot of development time in any product development process.

An exclusive version of Topview DSP Debugger is made available for the DSP Starter kits and the Evaluation modules using TI’s popular fixed point processor, TMS320VC5416.

This Debugger is a two part program in which major part stays inside the DSP hardware and keeps track of internal operation of the VC5416. This information is later transferred to the host computer to which it is connected. Since it is residing in the target hardware, sometimes it is also called ‘Remote Monitor’.

Second part of the debugger operates in the host computer and is responsible for presenting the information received from the target DSP hardware in a most useful format using a GUI environment.

When you establish a reliable serial or USB communication link between the DSP hardware and the host personal computer, the Topview DSP Debugger automatically comes into action.

The Debugger presents a GUI environment in which the ClearView Window structure gives facility for viewing complete information on the internal working of the VC5416.

Debugger sports following features:

  • ClearView Window structure.
  • Facility to load and execute the target program code generated by Code Composer Studio.
  • Powerful program execution features like Single Step, Break Point and full speed.
  • C Source and assembly level debugging with view/edit facility for variables.
  • Graphical facility to generate Time Domain and Frequency Domain Waveforms.
  • Facility to view the source level program using built-in text editor.

Each of these facilities are meant to give the DSP user the required power to study the field proven DSP hardware, then undertake DSP experiments to sharpen his/her knowledge and impart required confidence to undertake DSP based applications with ease.

ClearView Window Structure.

This is an optimized structure where windows are strategically placed in the display. Total display area is divided into three parts, which display the program lines, contents of the data memory and the contents of all the internal registers.

Debugging Target Program Code.

Using Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio software you can develop target application program. Topview Debugger enables you to debug the target application program both in C-Source level and assembly level.

Topview DSP Debugger window along with C Source Debugging environment:

Program Execution Facilities.

Topview Debugger gives you the power to execute your target program code in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

  • Free running program execution.
  • Program execution using multiple breakpoints.
  • Executing program in single steps.
  • Facility to execute CALLS in single steps.

During each execution, the ClearView updates all the relevant windows and present changed contents in different colors to draw your attention.

These facilities will become very helpful when developing complicated program codes.

Graphical Facility to generate Time Domain and Frequency Domain Waveforms.

This is another useful feature in which you can convert the sampled data into meaningful waveforms. You can generate both Frequency Domain and Time Domain Waveforms. These graphical windows are complete in all respects and you can read any coordinate of the waveform by just moving the mouse cursor.

You can generate line graphs and bar graphs. Zoom in/out facilities are also available. You can even print out this waveform using any standard printer.

Program Examples.

Since the DSP subject is a complicated one, the debugger comes with a lot of tested and proven examples to give you a quick start in learning the DSP algorithms. These examples cover a wide range of algorithms.




Frontline Electronics for DSP Tools ?

l We, at FE, conceive, design, manufacture, market all the required DSP tools in-house. Because of this, we have everything right from the scratch to the final documentation in total control.

We give more emphasis on making the DSP technology user friendly in all respects. Accordingly, we make both the hardware and software combination a best one to make DSP learning an easy and interesting one.

l FE’s DSP trainers come with simple hardware designed mainly to make the study of target DSP device a comforting one without complicated elements.

l DSP hardware presents itself as friendly to you and motivate you to take up advanced studies without overwhelming circuits.

l These days, new DSP trainers are configured using the respective DSP Diamond boards. So, after studying the target DSP, you can easily put the Diamond board into your target application with minimum external hardware. A Big Savings in your Time and Money!!

l FE already established itself as a reliable supplier of the DSP tools for the last 10 years. In addition, FE shall continue supplying the same kind of DSP tools for a very long time in the future also.

Think DSP.
Think Frontline Electronics.