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NG Platinum Trainers.

1. NG Platinum 8051 Trainer.
- Specifications.
- Platinum Trainer Design Concept.
- Operations of NG Platinum Trainer.
- Frequently Asked Questions.

2. NG Platinum 8085 Trainer.

 3. NG Platinum 8086 Trainer.

- Add on Cards for Platinum Trainers.
- Pricing.
- Place Your Order.


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Next Generation Platinum 8051 Trainer .


u AT89C52 is operating at 12 MHz. AT89C5X family of 8031 devices from Atmel is the most popular 8051 derivative having the same instruction set and architecture of the original 8031/8051 microcontrollers introduced by Intel. In addition, AT89C5X devices are freely available in the open market everywhere. These devices are comparatively cheaper than many others.

u AT89C5X‘s on-chip Flash Memory (8K X 8) is programmed with the monitor program that is responsible for the trainer’s operations.

u Optional EPROM with 32KB capacity. A separate blank socket is available for this purpose.

u RAM with 32KB capacity. A foolproof Battery backup for the RAM is available.

u Built-in special purpose System On Chip controller to manage the operations of the graphical display and the PC Keyboard. This SOC is also responsible to provide all on-board diagnostic and testing facilities.

u A PC keyboard with 101 high performance keys.

u A graphical display of 128 X 64 pixels is used. The display is configured as 8 lines X 21 characters for the text entry.

u Parallel port facility is available to print your programs.

u On-board storage facility of 64KB using EEPROM device is available to keep application programs. File management facilities are available to manage the programs easily.

u 16 Input and 16 Output port lines are available for your applications.

u On-board interrupt testing facilities using switches.

u LED indicators and the Toggle switches are available on-board for experiments.

u Independent serial communication facility with PC to enable the powerful debugging facilities for the C language.

u Microcontroller’s serial port is available for your applications. The serial port is level shifted and is kept ready for interfacing with any other serial port.

u Microcontroller’s bus lines are terminated in 2 sockets with enough space to allow mounting the external hardware on the trainer itself. A third connector is also available to have external, off-the-Board hardware.

u Testing facilities are available for all the peripherals of the trainer.

u Built-in diagnostic facilities are available for the following:

  • Microcontroller health and the performance
  • Memory testing
  • Peripheral testing
  • Power supply health
  • Facility to indicate the results of all the tests
  • Facility to analyze the serial port of the trainer

u Application Development Facilities

The trainer has powerful assembly language program development facilities in the stand-alone operating mode along with the big size graphical display and the PC key board. All standard facilities like, ASM program entry, Memory/ Registry editing, various program executing options like single step execution, full speed execution, program printing are available.

When combined with the computer along with the Topview Integrated Development Environment, the Platinum trainers provide a state of art development environment suitable for the C compiler. The support is available for the SDCC compiler. The Topview IDE comes with all required facilities like Text Editor, facility to execute programs in different ways like SingleStep, BreakPoints, and project management.